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“Catnip” is the common name for a perennial herb of the mint family. Catnip is native to Europe and is imported into the United States. In North America it is a common widespread weed. Catnip is most popular with cats and the reaction that it causes in them when they receive some dried nip from their owner. They roll around in it in all of their glory. The fact is that humans do not smell what cats smell when it comes to catnip so humans do not react the same way that cats do. It is known that the chemical nepetalactone in catnip is the thing that triggers the response. Apparently, it somehow kicks off a stereotypical pattern in cats that are sensitive to the chemical.

In humans catnip has been used for several ailments including the treatment of colic, headache, toothache, colds, and spasms. It is also known to induce sleep in most people but it others it can have a counter effect. Catnip also has antibacterial properties to it too. In the 15th century the English cooks would season meats with catnip and also add a pinch to salads. Many people also prefer catnip tea to Chinese tea. Some of the agents in catnip also act as a very effective cockroach repellent. It has actually been proven to be more effective by 100% than DEET.

When taken orally, catnip shows a great benefit for anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness. Nepetalactone is the active ingredient in catnip and is commonly used as an herbal sedative. Because of this it is also great for easing migraine headaches, stomach complaints, and also reduces swelling associated with arthritis, hemorrhoids, and soft tissue injuries. Catnip can be purchased in a liquid, dried, or a capsule form. It is the dried form that is commonly brewed into a tea. Folklore has it that if catnip is smoked it might produce minor hallucinogenic effects but that has since been disregarded. It was also said that when children would throw fits that catnip would be able to calm them and also stop children from having nightmares.

Some claims have been made that catnip is a distant relative of marijuana. There really is no validity to this claim except for the way that the cats act when they roll around in the nip which looks like they have a buzz. When the cat rolls around in it a euphoric effect is displayed but if the cat eats any of the nips, he is certain to fall fast asleep. Catnip has been called the mysterious herb by many. It is related to common kitchen herbs like thyme and sage, and can be easily cultivated as a houseplant.

Another fact about Catnip is that as much as cats seem to love it is as much as mosquitoes hate it. These are all the things that make catnip such a unique herb that it has the ability to entertain cats, it has medicinal properties, there are a few funny myths about it and is an insect repellant all in one.


Belladonna is not an herb that you are going to want to stock your pantry with. While it has its benefits, this is an herb that can be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal. It has some medicinal properties to it and has an interesting history but it can be very dangerous. The nickname “deadly nightshade” is a good clue of its potency. There is however a tincture that comes from this plant that is used for medicinal purposes. Belladonna is a perennial herb that is native to Europe and Asia Minor but is now grown quite often in the United States, Europe, and India. When the plant is in full bloom the plant is harvested and then dried for use.

The most important contribution from Belladonna is atropine which is an important agent that is useful in dilating the pupils of the eye. This has proven to be very beneficial. Even small doses of atropine can cause the heart rate to increase. Some cough syrups are known to contain atropine and are used for bronchitis and whooping cough. Further it is used to soothe the stomach lining prior to an anesthetic being administered and also for peptic ulcers.

Belladonna goes by many different names but has been used for over 500 years. While growing in the wild, which belladonna commonly does, a slight dose can be fatal. In the earliest times when Belladonna was first used it was cosmetic purposes. Women felt that if they used it to dilate their pupils that they would look more sexy and alluring. That is why the name Belladonna means “beautiful lady” in Italian. Yet, it is still used in many eye doctors’ offices across the country to this day.

Belladonna also has other great benefits for purposes of what it is used for today as it has the ability to dry up bodily fluids such as breast milk, saliva, perspiration, and mucous. The alkaloids in Belladonna are used for many conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders such as colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colic, diarrhea, and peptic ulcer. It also works for asthma, excessive sweating, excessive nighttime urination and incontinence, headaches and migraines, muscle pains and spasms, motion sickness, Parkinson’s disease, and biliary colic.

Quite often Belladonna is used as homeopathic remedies such as the common cold, earaches, fever, menstrual cramps, sunstroke, toothaches, headaches, sore throats, and boils. How the patient ingests and how much they ingest is determined by a few various factors such as their symptoms, mood, and overall temperament. When Belladonna is administered for homeopathic use it is highly diluted because of the toxicity level of it.

No one should ever use Belladonna as a self help measure and it should only be taken under the care of a qualified doctor. The doses given of Belladonna are always in very low doses. When Belladonna is prescribed it is either added to sugar pellets or mixed with other types of drugs and is available by prescription only. So while it is clear that Belladonna is an extremely dangerous herb it is also very beneficial when used correctly.


Alfalfa, which is a perennial herb, has a long list of dietary and medicinal uses and research has proven that Alfalfa might lower blood levels of cholesterol and glucose. Many take Alfalfa supplements orally and is has been proven safe except in a small percentage of people where it produces lupus like symptoms. In the seeds and sprouts of Alfalfa, amino acid L-canavanine is present and that is what is thought to cause this reaction. However, this is not present in the leaves of the Alfalfa. The whole leaf and the herb are what are rendered from the Alfalfa plant.

Since the sixth century the Chinese have used Alfalfa to relieve fluid retention and swelling. The Arabs were the first to find Alfalfa and they named it “the father of all foods.” The leaves of the Alfalfa plant are very rich in minerals and nutrients, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and carotene. The Arabs first fed it to their horses because they believed the Alfalfa made them swift and mighty. Alfalfa has been an animal crop for over a thousand years but is also used as an herbal medicine.

Alfalfa is a good diuretic and also a good laxative. It also works well for urinary tract infections, and kidney, bladder and prostrate disorders. The latest and greatest discovery of Alfalfa is the benefits that it might provide for lowering cholesterol because there are certain agents in Alfalfa that stick to cholesterol which keeps it from remaining in the blood stream. Further, it may also have a very strong relationship with lowering blood sugar levels.

When it comes to Alfalfa it is something that many people enjoy in their cuisine. It is good in salads and some people eat it as a vegetable all alone. Many people claim that eating Alfalfa is a big part of eating healthy. Besides wheat grass and algae, Alfalfa has the most nutritional value. It is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and has all of the required digestive enzymes.

It is warned by avid Alfalfa lovers that you likely will not like the way that it tastes in your mouth, it may feel like it is burning the tip of your tongue and you actually might just completely dislike it however, they urge you to not give up because it is an acquired taste and you will begin to like it. The best news is that soon after eating it regularly you will find that your appetite for heavier foods will diminish.

Alfalfa is also great for reducing fevers and is very good for the blood. It contains natural fluoride and prevents tooth decay. Alfalfa makes a great tea because when the Alfalfa leaves steep in the hot water it is a source of nitrogen. The tea is not only made for human consumption because people who grow Irises and Delphiniums just love Alfalfa tea because of the great effect that it has on the plants when used as a foliar spray. Many with a green thumb also use Alfalfa as mulch for their flower beds.

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Diamonds and precious stones: how to score a "Great looking" less

When we think of Hollywood jewels, one thing that never changes: the bigger the better. While diamond jewelry of rich and famous always trends toward larger stones, unconventional designs, there is no reason the rest of us can’t get action and add a little Hollywood glamour to our gems. If you have an open mind and a modern sense of style that you can pick up a diamond ring inspired by celebrities for a fraction of the price you would expect. There are a few tricks that you can use easily to get the look of large stones for less.

Consider your cutting and setting

The first consideration is cut. Oval cut and other diamonds in the shape of “fantasia” are, these cuts are often for larger diamonds trying to standard round brilliant cut or princess cut diamonds. Try especially PEAR, Marquise or oval shaped diamonds, which have an elongated shape which gives them the appearance of a higher carat weight than a traditional round brilliant diamond weight or carats princess cut himself. The result is a great looking ring for less than would be possible with a traditional cut.

The second consideration is the setting. Another way to get a big “wow” factor is to opt for a cluster environment, combining several gems together in one room. We all know that the rarity of diamonds is what makes them valuable. But the larger diamonds are more rare than smaller diamonds, which means that a single 1 Carat Diamond is more valuable than two diamonds of a carat. Multi stone settings allows a higher combined carat weight at a lower price than would be possible with a single diamond of the same carat weight. A common example of a setting of multi-stone is the three diamond setting, which can be used as an engagement ring, a past, present and future of ring or an anniversary ring.

We also saw a lot of multi stone settings in celebrity engagement rings, including the engagement ring of wildly popular halo style. This vintage inspired setting a stone centre surrounded by a ring of smaller stones that the main accent stone and provide features added sparkle. The bonus is that there is no reason to limit yourself to a white diamond Center stone (think of engagement ring of Princess Kate famous Sapphire glow advocates originally owned by Princess Diana). An alternative can reduce the price considerably without sacrificing style. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies and even less expensive gemstones such as Garnet, amethyst and Topaz (which comes in a rainbow of colors) can do to vibrant engagement rings. A halo of small diamonds surrounding a coloured gem boldly means that you still have the wow factor of diamonds without the cost of a ring featuring a diamond as the main stone.

The difference between diamonds and sapphires

Diamonds and sapphires may look very similar to the untrained eye but are incredibly different gemstones. Both stones are very important and a popular choice for jewelry, including wedding rings, engagement rings and Solitaire pendants. They’re both used to symbolize love, faith, commitment and trust. So, how do you tell the difference between these gems when you’re buying or selling diamonds and sapphires? Here’s a look at the differences between these two gems in terms of structure, training and money.

Structural differences

While this difference is not visible to the naked eye, diamonds and sapphires are very different structures. A diamond consists of pure carbon that crystallizes in cubes. This compact structure makes the hardest gem diamonds on Earth with a hardness of 10 on Moh’s scale. Diamonds are pure carbon absolutely colorless, although their structure can contain small amounts of other elements that produce diamonds yellow, Brown, blue, pink, red and green. Sapphires, on the other hand, have a hexagonal shape composed of aluminum oxide crystals. Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone on Earth with a hardness of 9 on the Moh scale. Sapphires also come in many colors, when other elements make their way during the crystal formation.

Differences in training

These precious gems form in completely different ways. Sapphires form naturally in a hexagonal shape in rocks such as granite, gneiss and schists due to heat and pressure. Can be found in igneous rocks (magma cooled) and metamorphic rocks (processed). The Sapphire color is derived from the presence of other minerals. Iron produces yellow or green sapphires, vanadium and titanium produces purple sapphires creates blue sapphires. Sapphire gems can also be red, even though they are called no sapphires, rubies.

Diamonds, on the other hand, require very precise conditions to form deep in the Earth with extreme pressure and relatively low temperature. There are two places on Earth where it can form diamonds: deep in the Earth’s mantle lithospheric and points where a meteorite hit the Earth. These gems are slowly road surface through volcanic pipes and diamonds which are mined today are anywhere from 1 billion to 3 billion years.

Price difference

The price of these gems is determined by their weight in carats, cut, clarity and color, if you’re buying or selling diamonds and sapphires. In general, the sapphires tend to be much cheaper than diamonds, because they are easier to mine and more abundant on the Earth’s surface.

Two gems make beautiful jewelry, so choosing between them depends on your preference and budget. If you intend to buy and sell diamonds, however, it is important to make sure you’re not getting colourless sapphires that do not usually worth much.

South Florida jewelry buyers (SFJB) was founded in 1983 as a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. SFJB is owned by a GIA certified gemologist with over 25 years of experience as an international diamond dealer. When you want to sell gold jewelry in Miami, along with gold and diamonds, choose South Florida jewelry buyers free to enjoy at home or in-store consultations and an on-site cash offer for your gold. South Florida jewelry buyers remains the main place for selling gold in Miami and the major areas.

Things to keep in mind before you buy cheap engagement rings

All those who do not believe in the concept of engagement rings cheap, think again. These rings can think really good quality and beauty, as you know how to choose the right ones. Why try when I always style and quality at an affordable price?

However, many times there is always a problem when dealing with a cheap price or affordable. And, this article deals with some of the main points you should keep in mind before you buy cheap rings.


Enlisted below are some important points to be careful before making a purchase:

Always keep a mind alert. It is important to understand the place of manufacture, before making the deal. Make sure the element is not a fake import that is of low quality.

You are bound to come across online sites that offer mind blowing discounts up to 70-80%. Don’t fall for these traps as it is impossible for any healthy society to offer these huge discounts on a quality product.

Actually you should be very careful when it comes to any site that offers incredible prices, because there will always be a catch to it. In most cases end up compromising on the quality of this ring and finish.

Beware cheap rings that come with fake diamonds. Will be frightened by the imitation that tends to look like a real diamond, but it’s not a reality.

Cheap engagement rings of good quality

It is true that there is every possibility of cheap ones to be useless. However, if you stick to the popular company with a strong reputation will surely affordable good quality rings and style. There are several good companies that sell inexpensive gold and diamond rings real top quality made in UK and USA.

Plan search

Fix budgets; This is the first step you take. The second step is to choose a metal that fits your budget. A metal such as Platinum is bound to be expensive. Yellow or white gold is very convenient. After you select a diamond without compromising quality even if you want to compromise on style. You may also want to join the Council by diamond experts while buying cheap engagement rings for men and women.


These rings are different prices depending on design and quality. Never compromise on quality for the price. Also, don’t be fooled by the prices that are too cheap or too good to be true.


You can buy these cheap rings from good jewelry stores or search for them online. There are a lot of good deals on eBay as well.

Who says dreams can’t come at a price you’ve always had in mind? The perfect engagement ring for your memorable engagement is now a reality that can come at an affordable price with quality and fine finish. Engagement rings cheap can be just as beautiful and precious as those worth thousands of dollars.

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Why organic food makes sense for reasons both practical scientific

When you hear the term food, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Something very scientific in nature and a bit too complicated to be understood by a layman? Actually, this is not the case. Because once you get to know more about the concept of organic food, you will be surprised that is actually a very easy concept to understand. Even better, it’s a much better product to have in your dining room. Of course it takes a bit of exploration in order to better understand the concept. In this article, you will see the reasons why organic food makes sense for reasons both scientific practices.

Before you can understand why organic foods are an success now and even more so then go ahead, you must first define what organic food are. Knowing that his true definition is important because as you may already know, some companies are actually capitalizing the term “organic”, though that shouldn’t be someone’s trademark. Organic food isn’t actually a brand or even a kind of food. What makes organic food is the process in which it was made. If the biological process is not followed, then drops the food to be considered as organic.

In this next paragraph, the process of creating food is going to be explained. Ultimately you will learn why organic food makes no sense scientifically. The organic production process begins with a cultivation process meticulously created. This process is different from conventional farming, mainly because all the steps are designed to ensure that a natural approach is to follow. And when it comes to natural, that means nothing artificial, like fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and artificially modified foods must be introduced for plants food-producing animals. It is already well documented how these artificial substances reduce the overall quality of life for these plants and animals. I am also equally known for damaging ecosystems in the farm and beyond. Removing these artificial substances makes it a reasonable thing to do to organic farming.

In a practical sense, there are a lot of reasons why organic food is the best choice. One reason is the best quality of food produced using organic means. Not only are these better quality foods (better than color, texture, size and flavor), but are also much more nutritious. It only makes sense for consumers, but it also makes sense for farmers. Not only keeping the farm in good shape (as explained in the previous paragraph), but reduces the costs. Fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and the like are known to be expensive, so remove them from the equation has its advantages on the financial front. So basically, both food producers consumers may be happy with organic farming.

There are a lot of reasons to power makes a lot of sense, but what is discussed here is just some of the more interesting ones. Which just goes to show that in an organic lifestyle makes sense for reasons both practical science.

Further conveniences of owning a portable Bar

Not everyone has a well-stocked bar, but who will ensure that it is in perfect shape. Great pains are taken to ensure that the bar is well designed and placed prominently for all to admire. The bar, after all, is where great and memorable times reports are shared. How could matter some extra care and some extra money?

When planning a bar, we’re careful about where we would like to have it at home, as it should be, and also how much should be able to contain. Some people like to have automatic lights installed, while others would seek out a particular form or base form around.

Once you have your place, while bar drinks can get around, the bar is pretty much where it was. The concept of a portable bar is becoming popular because it allows a lot of comfort.

A portable bar basically can go on with you for most of your home or transporting any drinks that you need. With this toolbar, you now have the option of hosting your parties anywhere convenient and saving yourself a lot of anxiety.

You could design a movie with your friends in the den, but are constantly dash out to get drinks from the bar in the dining area. Not only are diverting the entire experience, but also having to get yourself wearing more than necessary. Portable bar, you can take everything you want and have it placed around where it is most needed.

A portable bar is ideal for those who have open spaces such as terraces, swimming pools and sundecks and even for those who like to have multiple forms of entertainment at home. Portable Bar you can host different types of events and keep the convenience and feeling of each one.

Contrary to what some may believe, a portable bar can look quite elegant and into position. You don’t need to look picturesque and discomfort. In fact, it may be only a miniature version that would have loved to barra grande, only smaller.

Look at the various options and be sure to hire someone who can make your laptop bar full justice. When you make a decision to go with him, not only are they going with a choice of off-beat, but also present things in a new light.

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Causes of bad breath: what am I?

There are many factors that could be the cause of bad breath, and many of the factors that could be the causes of bad breath can be addressed quickly and easily using simple techniques. In fact the causes of bad breath are so well documented that it’s easy to find the factors causing bad breath for you.

So what exactly are the causes of bad breath?

Bad breath, halitosis, is usually is caused by VSC (volatile sulfur compounds), these are the most common causes of bad breath. But what are they, anyway?

Bacteria in your throat and mouth help to break down some protein. When some amino acids that have a lot of sulfur inside, start to get broken and therefore produce various malodorous compounds fouls from the back of the mouth and throat.

There is a common misconception that bad breath can come from your stomach, and although it may feel like that sometimes, the Natural product compound comes from your throat and mouth. However, after certain foods were consumed, encouraging the production of certain chemicals which are then discharged through the lungs. So that extra helping of fried onion rings is actually doing an odor through the lungs.

So how can we avoid these great causes of bad breath?

So many of the causes of bad breath are everyday things that we take for granted and use. Most toothpastes may be one cause of bad breath, because the stuff that makes the foam actually promotes the production of VSC.

A dry tongue can also be a cause of bad breath. The bacteria that produce those nasty SVCs actually don’t like oxygen, so a dry mouth is perfect, and then becomes a cause of bad breath.

The nasty stuff from bacteria derives from the degradation of amino acids, which are found in proteins. So the high protein foods can be a cause of bad breath, could also be a high-protein diet is usually one of the causes of bad breath.

Once you have high levels of bacteria in your throat, it becomes very difficult to fight bad breath, as those bacteria can use anything for the next trigger for your bad breath. Successfully reducing the amount of bacteria in your throat you can make sure that it becomes much more difficult to get first bad breath.

As regards seizures?

Seizures have been an important part of my life since I was 3 and a half years old. At birth, it was believed that the pliers were responsible for lesions in the brain. At the tender age of three, fell down the stairs, hitting the top of my head three times before my dad I could take. This event was the great event that triggered it all. A week later, was diagnosed with tonic clonic epilepsy also known as “big bad”.

Seizures and brain damage

My mother told me that my longest period of seizures lasted about 1 .5 hour. It is quite alarming as any neurologist will tell you that brain damage occurs after a period of harsh seizures 30 minutes or more.

Seizures treatment

These days, treatments of epilepsy were fairly new which explains rather basic care and methods. For example, the drugs I was taking was not monitored until I reached the age of 10 years. It was later changed as my new neurologist understood the medicines I had used was too strong for an adult, let alone a child. He also explained that the first 10 years of my life are a blur with a few memories. My family is actually what I compiled mainly on what happened in my life during this decade.

EEG (electro-encephalogram) was also based and closer to an instrument of torture that actually a significant instrument to detect unusual activity or brain damage. Then, using small needles to directly connect the cables for while now, miniature rubber connectors are glued to your scalp that are without pain.

Seizures and the social aspect attached to them

There was also the social aspect of the seizures. You see, in 1960 and 1970, people did not know that much about seizures of diseases such as epilepsy. So instead of recognizing their lack of information regarding this disorder of the brain, they used to compensate their own conclusions such as: possession by the devil, being mentally challenged or handicapped persons and so on. My grandmother has convinced my MOM to let me pray every night that I suffered from seizures because I was paying for the sins of my parents. My father still considers this taboo subject as he feels responsible not catch me immediately when I fell down the stairs. Later due to my hormonal changes during puberty, “grew out of it” and was able to live without any medication.

Pseudo seizures

I later developed pseudo seizures that was caused by extreme stress experienced at work where I was professionally and sexually abused. What are pseudo seizures? You basically are stress-reaction from your body, but it is not related to brain damage and does not require any medical attention as well as learn to cope with stress, sometimes seeing a psychologist or a counselor of some sort.

Autism and seizures

Then my worst nightmare became reality. My five-year-old son, who suffers from autism, just like his little sister, was diagnosed with epilepsy. I learned a lot about seizures through experience, but seeing your child with seizures, is the worst thing that you can always go through. When he had his first epileptic seizures, about eleven months ago, he was diagnosed with at first with febrile seizures by its trigger happens by sudden high fever and does not cause brain damage. As A result of an EEG during last summer, the results revealed that his brain displayed unusual activity in certain brain areas. In addition, having autism and given my history, the neurologist told me that had the 50% odds of suffering from epilepsy. He also said that higher than the 30% of children with autism are also affected by a disorder of epileptic seizures.

Possible causes of seizures

Since then, I’ve done a lot of research and I found other sources that can cause someone to suffer seizures. For example, diabetes, stress, shock, an accident, brain injury, epilepsy can be the culprits.

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Coconut oil-amazing information about this oil

It was always said that olive oil is the best oil … in fact, extra virgin olive oil to be exact … so this is what I have been cooking for the past 5 years or so.

Then I heard of canola oil was the best thing … but what I’ve learned recently was amazing.

I read that coconut oil is the best oil to use.

I always thought that coconut oil was bad for you. I actually kept a can of coconut oil in my Cabinet for a couple of years because it just looked so good … but I kept thinking, “I can’t use that. It would be horrible to me and my family “… because I heard it was so fattening.

After doing some research, I stumbled upon the fact that coconut oil is actually the best oil you can “eat” because it has a lot of lauric acid in it. Lauric acid is known to have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. And although I was always told it was fattening, actually contains no trans fats.

However, be sure to check the bottle or can in the first place. If it says “hydrogenated oil” the ingredients … so it’s not good for you. You don’t get that kind … no matter what! When nothing says “hydrogenated oil”, is known to cause the bad cholesterol and heart disease so if you forget everything else, remember this part.

So why has everybody been saying that coconut oil is so bad for you. So about 40 years ago, they did a study on “hydrogenated oils coconut” … and their results on the basis of that study. Remember what I said about any kind of “hydrogenated oils”? Yes, get rid of them.

How to prevent ankle sprains-risk factors (part 3)

There have been many studies on how ankle sprains are caused and the factors that increase the risk of ankle sprains. In this article I will go over some of the most common factors and less risk of incurring a sprained ankle. While someone who walks or runs, occur most frequently in athletes can cause ankle sprains. There are several risk factors proposed for ankle sprains in athletes. While it may be difficult for researchers to design good studies of risk factors there are a couple that are generally accepted for ankle sprains.

History of ankle sprain. The strongest predictor of ankle sprains is a previous history of ankle sprains. This conclusion is shared by almost all studies on the subject [1], [2], [3], [4]. People with the highest risk after they have sprained his ankle earlier are those who incorrectly rehabilitating the injury. An unrehabilitated ankle may be unstable following and is open to be sprained again and again. The reason for this, some researchers believe, is that when an ankle injury occurs when some of the nerves that tell your body what is your ankle is in position are damaged. These nerves are called proprioceptors and the ability to determine the position of the parts of your body is called proprioception. When these nerves are injured can be harder for your body to know how to position the foot to keep it safe.

Balance. Lack of balance (also called postural Sway), may indicate a lack of proprioception due to ankle stability. A study of risk factors of ankle sprain identified athletes with poor balance as those who could not keep a single-leg position for at least 15 seconds without touching the foot unplanted to remain stable [5]. These people had a greater occurrence of injury ankle sprain. Another researcher has studied players high school basketball using a machine specially designed to identify those with poor balance [6]. Players with low test scores pre-Leagues lived ankle sprains almost 7 times more than those with normal balance.

Height and weight. There isn’t much agreement if height and weight are significant factors for ankle sprains. Studies of soldiers in basic training exercises indicated that being taller and heavier were risk factors. Another research study, however, has experienced different results and determined that, by itself, is not a risk factor [7]. This was based on a study of 1,601 West Point cadets who participated in basketball with no history of ankle sprain or instability. There were no results to indicate height and weight, like something you want to increase or decrease the risk of a sprained ankle. Until more research is done is unclear whether people taller or heavier than have a higher risk for spraining an ankle.

Joint laxity of the foot shape. You might expect an ankle lax to be at a greater risk of ankle sprains. However, the evidence indicates that this is not the case. One research study evaluated ankle joint laxity by orthopedic test [8]. Based on these results that it was not possible to predict an increased likelihood for ankle sprains is based on joint mobility. Other factors such as the shape of the foot or over pronated while running or walking, did not indicate a higher risk of distortions. However, above and below pronation may indicate a certain instability of the foot.

Genus. Males and females tend to experience the same frequency of ankle sprains. When all other risk factors are taken out of the equation, neither sex is at a higher risk for a sprained ankle.

Muscle strength and reaction time. Muscle strength and reaction time are not risk factors for ankle sprains. The muscles in your legs control the position of the foot. The researchers studied the speed and forces necessary for ankle sprain [9], [10]. For ruptured a ligament in the ankle speed required is greater than the rate at which the muscles react to stimulus that the ankle is about to go too far in one direction or the other. Also it takes even longer for your muscles reach full contraction. By the time this happens that your ligaments may be gone long. What influence